Wired by Xinhuanet Nanjing on 23rd, Sep. (Liu Guochao, Sun Nan), on the Morning of 23rd, Sep.,  The Exhibition Office of Nanjing” in connection with “China Machinery Consultants International” held a news briefing meet announcing that “2016 China (Nanjing) Service Robot Exhibition” would be held at Nanjing International Exhibition center during the same period of holding “Golden Autumn Negotiation Exhibition”, It is reported that, this Exhibition will be the first grand communication meeting in the service robot industry of Nanjing. 

According to the concerned information, among 《Planning Outline of State Medium and Long Term Development for Science & Technology(2006-2020)》, the intelligent service robot had been listed in the development outline of medium and long term. For the time being, our country has been the hugest robot sales market in the world, but it mainly refers to the industrial robot area, although the intelligent service robot is very important in the future, but it is rightnow still in the initial stage.  

Following the sophistication of technology on Service Robot, we are in hopes that, in the near future, a number of the service robot will enter into the family as electronics of consumption just next to that of computer and mobile phone. as well the broad use in quantity of the service robot will be realized in the areas of Military Project Design, Medicine, Education, High Risk Work, Company, Nursing and Cleaning etc.. The development of the service robot is facing the great historical opportunity; the development of internet brings us with the transformation in service robot industry; the global market of the service robot is enlarging rapidly, The robot industry is driven by China economic transformation for realization of transformation and upgrading; the change by urban expansion and new life style will boost the great development of the service robot.

Facing the new trend on service robot, The First China (Nanjing) Service Robot Industry Development Forum will be settled down in Nanjing this year. In order to put the forum outcome into practice, present the product and technology of service robot, promote the sales and spreading out the brand, the organizing committee decided, to begin from the year of 2016, “China (Nanjing) Service Robot Exhibition” would be held concurrently during the same period of holding the Forum. On the occasion, the Forum and “The Exhibition” will further focus on the innovation and development of the service robot, seeing from the angle of long term development, the Forum and “The Exhibition” will set up a good communication platform for the enterprise of research & development, production and sales of the service robot so as to develop the easy communication channel and enhancing the communication cooperation in the industry.
Mr. Shen Ping, Vice Director of  The Exhibition Office of Nanjing, and Mr. Zhou Jingming, Director General of China Machinery Consultants International, expressed consistently that, they believed 2016 China (Nanjing) Service Robot Exhibition would provide the industry elite with wisdom collision as well as provide the China featured development road of service robot industry with powerful platform.



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